Microsoft IT Pro Game

Microsoft IT Pro Game

Enter Quest of The Cloudwalker, an epic journey where IT Pros battle personifications of their greatest daily woes—the dreaded monsters of IT.

IT Pros waste endless amounts of time on tasks that are beneath their skill levels, and it frustrates them to no end. We wanted to let them know that Microsoft Cloud OS solutions could help them destroy their worst time-wasting problems. So we turned their biggest problems into evil monsters that they could defeat in battle—fiends like Tickakomus, the Dark Lord of Endless Tickets; Messglore, the Master of Server Closet Chaos; and the ultimate monster, Chronos, Devourer of Time.

We won 3 silver W3 awards for the Quest of the Cloudwalker campaign:

      • Innovative/Experimental – Computer/IT software
      • General Website Categories – Computer/IT software
      • Game or Application – Computer/IT software

Roles included

    • Responsive design
    • Game board design
    • Lettering/Typography
    • Moral support