Big 6 Media Branding & Materials

Big 6 Media is a SaaS startup specializing in data-driven recommendations for attorneys. To help set it apart from the competition we went with a friendlier less formal approach for the site design and the logo.

Recruitment Materials

Bringing on qualified candidates who know their sh*t about SEO and also have the people skills we need isn’t an easy task. It was vital that we appeal to our energy and forward-thinking mindset in order to get people to consider us over the other multitude of options at any given career fair. We went with a friendly & informal approach that focuses on avoiding your career feeling like a grind.

Improving communications to create a better product for our clients


During our production process, we isolated an issue which kept popping back up. It was photographers not following the email guidelines we had sent to our clients before they had photos taken. This resulted in poor photo quality and near unusable photos. In order to combat this, I created a multi-page photo guide that our clients shared with their photographers that included the best practices for shooting for the web. After instituting this into our production process our failure rate for unusable photos went from approximated 40% to below 10%.