For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a side project for my wife and her sister. They are starting a preschool together, and I wanted to do everything I could possibly do to help them start and succeed.  Basically that meant I had to do what I do for most things– design.

However, we had a few problems before we could really begin work to make them look as awesome as I know there school will be.

1- What separates your school from others?

2- How are you going to let people know about it?

The answer to 1 was easy, its going to be an art based preschool. Creating things is going to be at the center of its existence

The answer to number 2 was a little more difficult. We don’t have a large budget to advertise and hit the ground running so we are creating a small “common sense” campaign. It revolves more around our ability to move paper ourselves vs purchasing actual advertising space. We started by bringing in two talented illustrators Skyler and Ryan to help create a few characters. These we can use to lighten up our website and advertisements so people can instantly recognize that its a preschool.


While those illustrations were a work in progress I started on the logo. I knew the girls wanted something clean, but with a bit of youth to it, so I found a nice clean font and paired it with an elegant ampersand.


We followed up that by tying those illustrations into a small 4×6 postcard that we could drop off at local Kansas City businesses (places that parents would take their kids like ice cream, pizza, grocery stores, bookstore, etc).

The final step is a solid, clean, and well organized website where parents can go to get information about the school.  We are putting extra emphasis on making the handbook (still a work in progress) and the forms as easy to understand and fill out as possible. We want to make the process as streamlined as it can be.

You can check out the website here