Why to share your inspiration?

The other day I started on this pretty big exciting web project. Its probably been the most fun thing I have worked on in a while, because its both something that I believe in and we are getting to push the boundaries of design that is common in pharmaceuticals.

The design that we came from had a standard hero image with a cut out background and we wanted to incorporate more inviting style, something that really conveyed the speakers life and in a way where it could really be approachable.

My co-worker shared one of his design role models that ended up fitting right into what we were working on. The new style would be highly inspired by the video interviews created by Hillman Curtis. They would have nice soft photos that are warm and keep people interested by focusing in on things that aren’t always the subject.

This interview with Massimo Vignelli is a great example of his style. Soft movements, a soft focus that bounces in and out and detail shots that are showing things related to what is being discussed and not necessarily what is being discussed.