Hey friends!

For the past two months, I have been working remote for my old job at Y&RG. Working remote definitely has its benefits but the drawbacks are numerous, as well.

Pros include-
Extra 30 minutes of sleep (No commute)
Breaks can include playing video games
Playing music as loud as I want
Less interruptions
Controlling the temperature (So I never freeze!)
Proximity to Jack Stack BBQ
Better Coffee

Cons include-
No free beer
Less joking with coworkers
100% less Care Bears (My old team)
More difficulty communicating with my team
Delays when you need something because you are counting on email

I think that remote working, on occasion, could become an effective tool if I am working on a large extended project and required a full work day without interruptions. As a whole, though, I don’t think it is efficient for day to day; it slows down workflow and makes it harder to communicate. That, and conference calls make everyone sound like the principal in snoopy.