Reactor, a place where 90’s pop music can transition to Led Zeppelin into the daily indy playlist. Here at the orange castle of awesome I get to work with some of the craziest print ideas that I never knew were possible.

Here my fellow intern (Jon Perez) and I feel valued, we get to design for real clients, and it isn’t just small work, it’s work that is getting used all over nation. We get to work with clients such as KVC, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Herzig Engineering, Structura, and many others.

A lot of the work we are doing goes live too, it isn’t just helping to brainstorm or making coffee (in fact the only people in the office that do drink coffee are Jon and I) but things that we do get used! I actually just finished these cards for a local realtor in Kansas City.




Recently a local company named Mapper, which specializes in custom e-maps approached Reactor for a brand. Jon and I hopped right on board designing tons of iterations to explore every possible effective design. In the end Jon’s logo ended up being selected for use by the client.


At work we got to play as well, we pwned another design firm in an orange off. (They thought they owned orange when really it’s our color.)




We also worked on designing the new office, both layout and signage. We are super excited to see Reactor move to their new location in 1817 Grand.




I just found these photos of Jon and I hard at work.











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